At Chambers By Q we currently work with over 8,000 brands. A large portion of our clients are influencers of some sort, be it Athletes such as Raheem Sterling or YouTubers such as Logan Paul - we have a large array of clientele who leverage their existing audience by creating a brand using our products to ensure their customers by into the high quality and value of their brand. Why would any "influencer" who values their personal brand settle for below par quality? 

Logan Paul Wearing His "Maverick Athletics" Cobalt Blue Garment Dyed 330GSM T-Shirt. @LoganPaul

Lifetime value begins and ends with "product". It's not just about leveraging a large audience, the focus should be about providing value to the ever growing community that supports you and your business - so why not work with the best quality? 

Raheem Sterling Wearing His "1692" 330GSM T-Shirt (Solid Dye). RRP - £80. @Sterling7

A less-discussed aspect of the impact of influencer marketing’s success is how it is transforming influencers’ scale of opportunities. Indeed, more influencers are waking up to the power of directly monetizing their audiences, using knowledge collected over the years to move up the value chain and launch their own ventures. By cutting out the middle man, influencers can make the most of their knowledge about their communities—their likes and dislikes—and the type of content and gentle promotion strategies that work the best.

The captain of the English Cricket Team, Ben Stokes, along with team mates Jofra Archer & Stuart Broad release limited edition signed 1 of 500 Hoodies using our 470GSM Oversized Pullover Hoodie. @Stokesy

This is critical information that brands can rarely access when working through the narrow lens of a targeted marketing campaign. Influencers have the scale, experience and feel for their communities that can give them a competitive edge in effectively communicating with their followers, granting them a keen sense of where opportunity lies to launch a new product or service.

I believe there are a few reasons why influencers are deciding to launch their own brands.

Tazer, who is the host and founder of the extremely successful 3 Shots of Tequila Podcast has leveraged his audience by re-launching his brand with the emphasis on modern silhouettes and quality. @TazerBlack

While working with brands, influencers often need to adapt their styles to suit the brands’ messaging and help reach the advertising goals. While doing this, they become experts in marketing, content creation and self-promotion. When they launch their own brands, they can put everything that they’ve learned to work but according to their own values and preferences.

What’s more, because they have become experts at communicating with their loyal audience, they have low marketing costs paired with high engagement, which is an obvious benefit in that it downplays the risk involved in launching a new venture. Influencers want to be able to show what they know, and if they can profit from it, why not!

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