Need Luxury Blanks?

Clothing production should not be a frustrating experience - especially in 2022. With our step by step process we are putting you in full control.

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What is Luxury?

Check out below, why our Trademarked Fabric, GOAT Cotton™, is considered luxury and how our spinning & knitting process allows for a premium and durable finish.

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How Are We Different?

Our Guarantee.

Lead Time Guarantee

Every week your order is late you are entitled to a 5% refund. This shows we have skin in the game and are as invested as you are.

Zero Defect Guarantee

If you notice defects outside of our 1% tolerance, we will refund/credit you 3x the cost of each defective item.

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  • Choose Your Style

    Have a look through our catalogue
    of different garment styles, and
    choose the ones that best suit you!

  • Choose Your Dye

    Pick your favourite Pantone Colour!
    We will then pigment dye your chosen
    garments using 100% natural dyes.

  • Delivery

    We cut, sew and dye in record
    time. We always aim to get your order
    turned around as soon as possible.

Make Our Blanks Your Own!

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CBQ Blanks are not cheap.

It's true.

£13.50 for a wholesale t-shirt is a lot.

Yes, we could make it cheaper.

But if we did, it would be cheap.

It wouldn't be milled from our 330GSM Ultra-knit GOAT Cotton™ - it would be lightweight T-shirt that you could pracitically see through that wouldn't survive more than eight washes.

It wouldn't be your customer's favourite t-shirt - it would be thrown at the back of their wardrobe, never to be worn again or worse... returned.

It would just be like any other t-shirt - and we want CBQ to provide so much more.

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Our T-Shirt weighs 2x more than a regular ol' tee

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Customer Care

As our clients know, we treat our customers as partners and want to provide the best experience when working with us.

In order to give you more control over your brands production, see how we make a difference:

Unique Customer Portal:

Login to track all your orders in one place, re-order products, book calls with your account manager, download invoices as well as many other things!

Automatic Production Updates:

Throughout the production of your order, you will get emails directly from our production managers to let you know exactly where your garments are on the production line.

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  • Design

    Whether it's brand guidelines and creative direction or you simply need a designer to bring your idea to life. We can help you with our in-house team of industry leading designers.

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  • Marketing

    We believe that all brand owners must truly develop their marketing skills, so we host routinely (in-person and virtually) Ad Masterclasses. Please note these sessions take up to 5 hours.

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  • Printing

    We have recently acquired a printing facility and are able to now print all of our clients blank garments at half the cost - we have a price match guarantee in place. A one stop shop!

  • Fulfilment

    Need us to store, pick, pack and fulfil your orders? Look no further. Depending on your customer demographic we have 3PL center's located strategically across the globe from New Jersey to London.

As You Grow, We Grow.

At Chambers By Q, we empower budding creatives to use our garments as their canvases to express their vision. We enable this by setting up our operations to allow for smaller runs of only 30 Units per SKU. Not only do we provide the quality that is nessecary to start a high end streetwear label but we also provide the network, contacts and know-how of the industry.

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Where is my order?

Please send an email to the including your name, order number and delivery address, containing any further information you may have regarding your order status. We’ll be in touch with you with additional information or a solution.

Where are the garments produced?

Chambers By Q Ltd procures yarn, knits fabric, dyes and constructs garments in a few key locations. We predominately produce out of India using audited CMT’s & vendors. Certifications and audits available upon request - just speak to your account manager!

Do you do bespoke production?

We supply an off the shelf solution to the high-end streetwear market. For any bespoke applications we request an MOQ of 500 units per SKU, please contact your account manager for more details.

My tracking isn't working.

If your tracking number doesn't work or has errors, it could be that your shipping hasn't been picked up yet by the courier or the courier has not scanned it as received. If this persists for 24hrs after your order date, please contact for further information.

Do you offer trade pricing for large accounts?

We use an “economies of scale” approach, offering different price brackets depending on the scale of your order. The higher the quantity of units the bigger the discount.

What's the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 30 units per style/colour. In that 30 units you are allowed any size breakdown.

However, feel free to buy a sample or two, these will just be priced higher as they will not be based on wholesale quantities.